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The Success of Rim Brakes at Itzulia Women Tech 2023

Rim brakes have been a staple in the cycling industry for decades. Despite the advent of disc brakes and their growing popularity, rim brakes continue to have a strong presence in the professional peloton. In this article, we will explore why rim brakes continue to thrive in the world of cycling, specifically looking at the success of rim brakes at the Itzulia Women Tech 2023.

Lightweight Advantage

One of the main reasons why rim brakes continue to be popular is their lightweight advantage. Rim brakes are significantly lighter than disc brakes, which makes them a preferred choice for professional cyclists who are looking for every possible weight advantage. At Itzulia Women Tech 2023, the majority of the professional teams opted for rim brakes on their bikes. Lightweight bikes provide a greater advantage in reducing fatigue during long races. The less weight a cyclist has to carry, the more energy they can conserve, which can ultimately lead to a better performance.

Easy Maintenance

Another advantage of rim brakes is their easy maintenance. Rim brake pads are easy to replace and adjust, which makes them a popular choice among professional cyclists who need to make quick adjustments on race day. With disc brakes, maintenance can be more complicated and time-consuming, which is not ideal in a race situation. In a high-pressure race situation, quick and easy maintenance can make or break a race for a professional cyclist.

Familiarity and Consistency

Rim brakes have been around for a long time, and as a result, many professional cyclists are more familiar and comfortable with them. In a high-pressure race situation, it’s important for cyclists to have confidence in their equipment. The familiarity and consistency of rim brakes provide this peace of mind for many professional cyclists. Cyclists who have been using rim brakes for years feel a sense of trust in the equipment, which gives them an advantage in a race, especially when they are competing against other cyclists who are less familiar with their equipment.

Better Aerodynamics

Rim brakes have a more aerodynamic design than disc brakes, which can be an advantage in a race where every second counts. At the Itzulia Women Tech 2023, many professional cyclists opted for rim brakes due to their aerodynamic advantage. The better aerodynamics of rim brakes means that less wind resistance is produced, which can potentially translate to higher speeds. For professional cyclists, every second counts, and the difference in speed between rim brakes and disc brakes could be the deciding factor in a race.


One of the reasons why rim brakes continue to be a popular choice among professional cyclists is their affordability. Disc brakes are usually more expensive than rim brakes, which can be a disadvantage for many teams and cyclists who are on a tight budget. Rim brakes offer a more cost-effective solution for professional cyclists who want to have reliable and efficient brakes without breaking the bank.


Q: Are rim brakes becoming obsolete?

A: While disc brakes are becoming more popular, rim brakes continue to be a preferred choice for many professional cyclists.

Q: What are the advantages of disc brakes?

A: Disc brakes offer better stopping power and perform better in wet conditions.

Q: Will rim brakes continue to be used in professional cycling?

A: It’s likely that rim brakes will continue to be used in professional cycling for the foreseeable future, especially since many professional cyclists prefer them for their lightweight advantage, easy maintenance, familiarity, consistency, better aerodynamics, and cost-effectiveness.

In conclusion, the Itzulia Women Tech 2023 demonstrated the continued success of rim brakes in the world of cycling. Despite the growing popularity of disc brakes, many professional cyclists still prefer to use rim brakes for their various advantages. Lightweight advantage, easy maintenance, familiarity and consistency, better aerodynamics, and cost-effectiveness are some of the reasons why rim brakes continue to thrive in professional cycling.