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Alchemy Lycos Gravel Bike: Unbeatable Value with Recent Price Drop

The Alchemy Lycos gravel bike has recently seen a significant price drop, making it an even more attractive option for cycling enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the reasons why this bike is a great choice for riders who enjoy off-road adventures.

Superior Design

The Alchemy Lycos gravel bike is made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, resulting in a lightweight yet sturdy frame. The bike’s geometry is optimized for off-road terrain, providing riders with a comfortable and stable riding experience. Additionally, the bike’s components are designed to withstand the rigors of gravel riding, making it a reliable choice for even the most challenging trails.


One of the primary benefits of the Alchemy Lycos gravel bike is its versatility. The bike’s design allows riders to tackle a wide variety of terrain, from smooth gravel paths to rugged mountain trails. With the ability to switch between tires of different widths, riders can customize their experience to suit their preferences and the conditions of their chosen route.

Improved Performance

Thanks to its lightweight design and high-quality components, the Alchemy Lycos gravel bike offers improved performance compared to other bikes in its class. The bike’s efficient drivetrain and responsive handling make it easy to navigate challenging terrain, while its comfortable design allows riders to enjoy long rides without discomfort.


Overall, the Alchemy Lycos gravel bike is an excellent choice for cycling enthusiasts who want a reliable, versatile, and high-performance bike for off-road adventures. With its recent price drop, it is now an even more attractive option for riders looking for a great deal.


What is the weight of the Alchemy Lycos gravel bike?

  • The bike weighs approximately 20 pounds, making it one of the lightest gravel bikes on the market.

Can the Alchemy Lycos gravel bike be used for road cycling?

  • While the bike is designed primarily for off-road use, it can also be used for road cycling by switching to narrower tires.

What is the price of the Alchemy Lycos gravel bike after the recent price drop?